Crawl Spaces

Since your crawl space is part of your home, you should treat it just the way you would the living space. 
Concrete crawlspaces protect you against water damage as well as rat and rodent intruders

Homeowners often do not consider improving conditions in the crawlspace as an important step in an energy efficient home.
The truth is sealing or conditioning a crawl space is one of the most important steps in an energy efficient home.
A conditioned crawlspace not only helps to eliminate humidity to control the possibility of mold growth but also helps your air conditioner perform more efficient by not having to overcome excessive humidity in the crawlspace.
One of the main functions of an air conditioner is to eliminate humidity in the air. Eliminating cold air in the crawlspace is vital to the performance of your heating system.
Once again if cold air is not entering your crawlspace through your foundation vents your heating system will perform more efficient.

The advantages of an inspection of your crawl space are:

• Mold and Mildew
• Rodents, Rats, Mice
• Musty Odors
• Standing Water

• Energy bills
• Allergies & Asthma
• Radon Gas Seepage

• Home Value
• Energy Efficiency
• Usable storage area
• Livability
• Peace of Mind

We offer many service to help you take advantage of the benefits of a clean and dry crawl space.  Services can include:
*Vabor Barriers
*Mold Removal
*Air Duct Replacement
*Debris Removal